Monday, October 12, 2009

Squeeee... : D

Today is the first day of the 140 calorie-a-day diet thingy I posted about yesterday. :3 I'm excited. I'm going to follow it through to Saturday, which is the first fast of the ABC. I'm going to take that fast, and then rewind the ABC back to Day 4, which is supposed to be today, and then I'll do this week over in ABC-dom.
I hope that made sense. XDDD I'm not very coherent in the mornings. @___@

But yes, I have my rice cake and piece of bread separated out, all I have to do is drink my water and be happy. : D My weight goal for the end of the week is 140. I'm also really crossing my fingers for losing five lbs a week, but I don't know if I'll reach that. I'll get as close as I can, though. :3

I was up a full pound today when I weighed myself. It's like I reach 144 and then I just feel like EATING. So I eat a little bit of this, a little bit of that... and by the next day, I've gained. *sighs*

My dad's birthday is this Friday, and I'm hoping to score the cooking rights. That way I can make LOW-CAL stuff, which seems to be something beyond what anyone else in my family can grasp. XDDD I was thinking along the lines of fish or chicken. I mean, since we have chicken so much, I'm leaning towards the fish. Not sure how I'd plan on cooking the little darling, but I'll figure it out. XD Oooh! And my famous salad, too! :3 And for dessert... really no way of making that 'low-cal'. I can substitute stuff and make it LOWER-cal, though. XDDD Now it's just a toss-up on what kind of dessert he wants me to make. If he says 'surprise me', though, I'm going to shoot him. XDDD ...Maybe a buttermilk or pecan pie? Huh. This bears much thinking about.
And I really hope my mom ordered that spice rack I wanted to get him... I mean, I got him a full new set of cake pans and stuff, because seriously, his old stuff was... wearing out. Muchly. XDDDD
I'm kind of falling into 'perfect planner' mode here. I'm even wondering if we should invite a few people, or just leave it as a family thing... we should probably invite my great-aunt, at least... I mean, she's done a lot for us, and it would just be the right thing to do... plus with more people around, that would dilute the focus on individuals, so I can get by with eating even LESS. >=D
Of course, if we do invite people, I'm going to have to BEG my brother to clean up the yard some, where he has this pile of stuff he pulled out of storage to sort through... and I'll have to clean up some of the clutter around the house.... gads, I need to get busy!



Ok, so maybe I go a little bit psycho when there's an event coming. Sue me. XDDDD

Ooooh, I just remembered the Halloween party we were planning... plans for that definitely need more work. And who better to work them than moi, master event planner? :3 I mean, seriously, my family likes to have these ideas for get-togethers, and then kind of let them stagnate for a little while... and then just kind of get together and be like "So... yeah.... this is it..." I, on the other hand, while I'm also one of the flightier members of the family, I am also an EXTREME planner, though nobody really knows that, since I don't use that skill very often. :3

Shit, I hope it's not going to be raining day-of any of this... that would just royally bite. Because with my dad's birthday, after we eat, we could all retire to the porch for a nice cup of coffee and chat... and the Halloween thing was going to be a bonfire. Argh, so much to do, so little time. D:

Stay wonderful!

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