Friday, October 23, 2009

I reached my first weight goal today. : D Even though I messed up last night and had pasta. DAMN pasta. DAMN IT TO HELL. Why must it be so damn tasty?! DX

But haha, IN YO' FACE, PASTA! 139, sucka'!

I almost had a heart attack this morning when I stepped on the scale. I just saw the '9' at the end and I was like "FUCKHOWDIDIGAINNINEPOUNDSFROMONEBOWLOFPASTAFUCKFUCKFUCKETYFUCK-Oh, wait... that says 1-THIRTY-9. Doi. *foreheadsmack* ...Wait. One-WHAT?! THIRTY?! AWEMAIGAWDAWEMAIGAWDAWEMAIGAWD!!!!!!!!1!" I then proceeded to dance naked around my bedroom and bathroom while singing "I WILL NEVER SEE A FOUR ON THE SCALE AGAIN!"
I am really happy I was the only one awake at the time. Otherwise, the maniacal laughter might have drawn a crowd. D: So then I grabbed a pair of sweats and cut them off into shorts, despite it being 55 degrees outside. XDDD Needless to say, I've been very good today. Only 50 calories. :D Which kind of defeats the whole 'fast' concept, but whatever--I can allow for 50 calories worth of slack. XD

So we're going to see my grandparents the week before Thanksgiving. Which means going back to the town we used to live in, and me seeing my old 'friends' when we go to church. D: Last any of them saw me, I was at my high weight (172), so they're going to be kind of "Wtf?!" anyway. XD I'm really really REALLY wanting to get down to 125 before we go, anyway. Just to add more to the "WTF?!" factor. XD
I'm already planning on getting my hair cut and dyed. :3 It's going to be like Hayley from Paramore. I was gonna get it dyed like that, too, but then I decided I was just going to do my tips and pin streaks through my bangs. Now the only question is what freaking color. DX I've been trying to decide between white, blue-ish green and red. Seriously, it's driving me crazy. I'm leaning away from red, because I have this hair magazine, and from the photos in it, red, purple and pink are fairly popular right now, and I'm not really wanting to 'blend'. :\ I want to stand out just a bit.
Plus, it would be LOVELY if I could grow like two inches. D: I'm just tired of being 5'4". DX
Ah, lawdy. XD

So I started my new exercise program today. Umm... I suck. I can only do one freaking sit-up! And with much struggling, too! DX I can do five girl pushups, though. Though I tend to only go down like half an inch after the first two. =_=; So I guess I can only do two. XD I can do five burpees, though I'm not sure I'm holding proper form all the way through. <_< I can still run about 200 yards, but I do get pretty slow on the last half. I fail at fitness. =_=;
But I'm going to keep working at it and working hard so that when we're staying with my grandparents I can be running around doing my routine and they're like "Omg, she's working so hard on this" plus then I'll be able to burn off all the fatty crap they'll be trying to stuff down my throat. =_=; I'm mainly wanting to lose a lot of weight before we go, because my grandma ALWAYS makes comments. I do realize she only loves me and is trying to help, but Jesus Christ, don't you think I'm self-consious enough without you making these little comments? I'm wondering if when we get there, she's going to make a comment like "You still have some to go, though" or something along those lines. That would REALLY piss me off. I mean, I KNOW I have a lot to go, but still! AUUUUUUGH. I'm getting really stressed out about all of it. I'm just glad it's not for a few weeks yet, so I still have time to get some work done.

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  1. yay for meeting your first goal i hate pasta one of the most evil foods on the planet i cant believe i used to eat it like nearly everyday no wonder i was fatter lol

    i bet everybodys faces will be a picture when they see your weightloss and dont worry about your gran harsh but she probably cant help it just think of the day when she sees you and cant say anything bad



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