Sunday, October 4, 2009

I readjusted my Ultimate Goal Weight. It's now 105 instead of 110. :D

Also, found the best method of thinspo ever. My mom got a bunch of clothes that she had me go through, and LOT of them were these twinky little t-shirts and stuff that only a super-skinny person could wear and look good in. So I culled all of them out and am planning on putting them around my room where I can see them every day. They were totally thinspiring when I was just taking them out of the boxes, so this should be good. :D

And another thing: I'm planning on semi-fasting for the next three days. I'll get a ration of one rice cake, one cup of coffee, two to three cups of hot tea and unlimited water a day. That'll lead into day 10 of ABC, which is a total fast. The semi-fasting might make that easier.

Plus, I've discovered the interesting concept that is 'Chew and Spit'. Gross, I know, but it helped me head off a binge last night.

As for exercise, I walked about six miles today--my usual three-mile-plus-hill-circuits route was flooded out, because it's been raining for two days, so I just used another route, which I knew was exactly three miles one-way. It doesn't have all the hills my three-miler has, but it's still three miles MORE. I'm planning on doing the six miles once a week and the three miles every other day.

Also, if you haven't checked this site out yet, do it. It's awesome. And if you know of any others like it, please link me. I'm interested here.

Umm... I think that's about it for this post.

Stay wonderful. <3

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  1. hey, u sound like ur doing great.. keep it up!

    just a tip though, be careful about pushing yourself too hard... I'm not sure how it is with you, but sometimes when i restrict too much i set myself up for a binge.. other days i fast without even thinking about it... bottom line is listen to your body... if u feel yourself getting too hungry eat some really really low cal food like cucumbers or lettuce... also be sure to take vitamins because if u get sick you can't work out..

    sorry that this comment is all advice, its just that you really sound a lot like me when i 1st started out and if i can save you some mistakes, why not....

    alright, I'm really blabbing - have an awesome day!!!


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