Friday, October 2, 2009

ABC - Day 4

I've made it to day four, so yay for that. XD

Umm... today has been pretty pathetic, really.

I started out ok. An egg white (17) with a tablespoon of taco sauce (10) because we were out of salsa--it actually turned out to taste better. XD I dunno if salsa is lower-cal or anything, because I didn't even have an empty jar to check the calorie count on. So then I had hot chocolate (140) and an apple (80). So it's kind of suck after that. At least I made the chocolate with water instead of milk or something. o_o So that brings me up to 247 so far. For supper I'm probably going to do the egg and taco sauce again. Only 27 cals and it's delicious, too. : D And then if I can stay away from everything else, that's about 194 calories. If I really get into a "I'm going to binge if I don't eat something NOW" bind, I'll probably have three shrimp (9). That still keeps me under the limit for today.

Also, for Halloween, we're doing a bonfire with fluffy fat traps, also known as marshmallows, and lovely, greasy chips and overprocessed meatsticks, also known as hot dogs. Yummy! [/sarcasm] I'm definitely going to have to go on the shopping trip for that one so I can at least try to find SOMETHING lower-cal. It's not going to be a huge crowd, so I can't just act like I did eat some, but I'm going to try to perfect my sneaky skills. Plus fast the day of, so I don't go over my limit with that + whatever I had during the day. But if I do, I still have my binge days to fall back on, and then I can fast the next day. Hopefully, I'll have gained enough self-control by then to be able to stay under... I'll probably consider fasting anyway, just to make sure I don't gain from just eating pure crap.

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