Monday, March 1, 2010

Woo hoo~

Quite late, but 133 at last!

I just haven't been eating much lately... it can't be a surge of willpower, because I still eat what I want, I just don't want to eat much anymore. It's weird. It's kind of like what happened when my ex broke up with me back in December, but it's different. I'm not sad or unhappy, in fact, since I started going out with C, I'm pretty darn happy these days.

In fact, I had my first kiss on Saturday (We made out in a parking lot for like thirty minutes... XD), and then he kissed me many many many more times on Sunday, plus he makes me feel so safe and wanted.... so I'm happy. I'm very, very happy. I'm just not going to question this eating thing, because that just adds to my happiness... C is very tall (6'1"!!) and skinny, and I'm short (Effing 5'3.5") and... fat. =_=; But he seems to like me anyway... so... ok. I'll just keep losing weight.

I have three days to lose two pounds and get myself back on track. I think I can do it. I can just almost feel it. I just can't wait until there's no more three on the scale and I don't ever have to go back to it... god, I can almost taste it.

125 by the 14th? I think I can do it. It'll put me way ahead of schedule... which is awesome. Just gotta keep my head in the game and not give up for anything. I'm not giving up this time.

Stay strong xoxo

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