Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Allow me to do a victory dance--it'll burn a few calories

TAKE THAT, 144!!!!!

Needless to say, I am rather excited here. :3 It's been weeks watching myself hit 144 and then go back up after eating badbad stuff. Now here I am at 142. : D I feel happy, but also a little apprehensive knowing this is only one drop in the bucket.
I just want to go to bed one day and wake up skinny. Seriously. ._.

But, yes. I discovered at the store that the rice cakes I've been getting are 10 cals above another flavor. HORROR. D: Goodbye, 'white cheddar', hello 'lightly salted'!

So yes, my fast is going swimmingly--I've resisted all forms of food! My mom tossed me a peach for breakfast, and I was like "Oh, bleh, I just got up. I'm not really hungry." Since I hardly ever eat breakfast anyway, she didn't really care. And then for lunch, everybody else had chicken salad sandwiches. How did I get out of eating with them? Just before they started eating, I started doing the dishes I forgot to do last night. So when they asked me to come eat, I was elbow-deep in soapy water. "Dang! Sorry, I didn't know you were making lunch--I'll eat when I'm through with this." And then never did. :3 All this makes me feel like a ninja or something. XDDD

I bought all my ingredients for my dad's birthday dinner. I got everything as low-cal as I could. My mom was with me, and kept giving me these exasperated looks when I'd stand looking at two different brands of the same product forever, checking and rechecking the calorie count. She didn't say anything about it though--she just figures I'm trying to be 'healthy'. Feh. Screw healthy, I'm gonna be SKINNY.

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