Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Low weight again... : D

Ok, bitchslap me and tell me I am a fat cow and shouldn't go eat. That I should stick to my diet like white on rice. No, wait. Food similes are bad. DX

So yes, I have hit my low weight again. 144.0. At this exact moment in time, I'm not especially hungry, but soon enough I'm going to be like
"Ok, I think I'm gonna eat now. Can't hurt, y'know, because I'm at my low weight. Besides. I'll only eat a little: A little of this, a little of that... wait a second... oooh, I like that. A lot of that. But it doesn't matter, y'know, because my low weight is some kind of magic number that won't let me gain anything, even though past days seem to disprove that notion. But I don't care, because I'm a fat cow. :D"

I'm NOT going to let that happen today. I can't. I need a NEW low weight, dammit. And if I can lose 1.8 lbs in one day... hell if I'm gonna let myself pig out just to pig out. 144 can't keep being my magic yoyo number.

By the way, I can currently use my thumbs and middle fingers and put them around the part of my thigh about an inch above my knee. Can't wait until I can do that to my UPPER thigh. XD But I am built so damn Southern. Broad shoulders, big hips and thighs, etc. Also, I don't know if it's just the fact I'm fat or what, but when I suck in my stomach and look at the outline of my ribcage, it looks kind of broad too. So I'm basically built like a wall. =_=;
I don't know if I'll ever look like the delicate dainty girls I want to look like... but I guess we'll just see. I don't have small bones. They're about medium-size. Average size. Everything about me is so damn average.

By the way, who decided that 116-145 was a good weight range for my height? I'm 1lb below 145, and I'm faaaaat! I'm thinking more along the lines of 100-110 as a good range. And who thinks a BMI of 20 or above is 'healthy'? That should be OBESE. And 18.5 and below is underweight? No, honey. That's perfect. I mean... has our world seriousy gotten so fat, with their ideas so skewed that they can seriously think that's NORMAL? Or are they just trying to make fat people feel better? HELL-o. Tell the fatties they're fat. I mean, they're still fat no matter what range you decide is 'healthy', but then they sit around thinking "Oh, I'm so healthy" while they chow down on their greasy french fries and big macs.


Ok, I'm through. Stay wonderful, stay strong! <3


  1. bmi is kinda related to health not so much how we actually look remember that your perspective is different you are within normal range thats good thing just not good enough for you you are not obese you just feel like it below 18.5 is not perfect for health but...

    i dont care i love your attitude i agree bmi 20 is not thin! yes tell the fatties they are fat :) teehee and no no no binging because you at your low weight

    it is time to make a new low weight!!!


  2. i am totally the same way about making my goal weight! but at least you're totally brilliant and recognize it, whereas i live in my little haze of victory and then eat everything in the pantry twice. stay strong! create your new goal! and you SHOULD give yourself a treat for reaching your goal, just not one with food involved. maybe shoe shopping? haha then again, that's my solution for just about everything...


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