Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm thinking about fasting tomorrow. I feel like I need it.


Anybody want to join me?


Heh, I'm already refining my plans.
Instead of waking up at my usual late hour, I'm going to get up and watch the sun rise while drinking a steaming mug of hot green tea. I have no idea why, it just seems like a good time to do that. XD
Then I'm going to go for my usual three-mile walk, with the hill circuits and all. Delicious. <3
Then I'm going to wash and oil all my tack for my horses. It burns some good calories. Not sure exactly how many, but it usually makes my arms good and sore.
By this point, I'm probably going to be nice and sweaty. So I'm going to come back in the house, take a nice, hot bath for about an hour, because I just love doing that. Makes me feel so pure after.
And then I'm going to sit on the porch, or even in the woods and write my brains out. XD I write poetry. And people seem to think I'm pretty damn good. Whatever floats their boats, I guess. XD
And then I'm going to clean my room. Maybe there's actually a floor in there. o:
And then in the afternoon, I'm going to do my walk again. : D

Hopefully, all this'll keep my mind off of food, so I can complete this fast. Let's hope I have willpower this time and don't let my fat think for me. : D


Edit again:

I just now noticed I had a comment yesterday. :D slowly fading, your comment made me feel so happy. :D Just thought I ought to say that. :D

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