Friday, October 16, 2009

I found a stickbug. :D

I totally did. :D His name is Morton and he's missing a leg. Poor Morton. =<

Ok, adorable little stickbugs aside, last night was ok. I did eat more than I'd planned to, but didn't go out of control with my eating--I kept myself in control of it. I was afraid I'd gain, though, because I did have some of the German chocolate cheesecake I made--which was FUCKING DELICIOUS by the way XD--but as it turns out, I didn't. I lost .2 of a pound. I probably would have lost more without it, but a loss is a loss, right? Now that I've had my little eat-normally day, I can get back to eating as little as possible.

Also, Aunt Flo decided to visit early this month. BOOOO. I alway get terrible cramps on the first day, but I'm not this time... wonder why. It's kind of... weird. XDDD But I am SO not complaining. XDDD I am a leeetle bit nauseous for some reason, though. ._.
But after it's over, I always lose maybe half a pound to a full pound, sometimes a little more, so I'm excited about that. :D

Ok, I have a question for you guys. What kind of supplements do you guys take, and what do those particular supplements do for you? I just recently realized that if I'm going to cut way, way back on my eating, I should be taking supplements too, so right now it's pretty basic what I'm taking--just a multivitamin, vitamin C, and cayenne. Plus a few cinnamon pills every now and again. <---Watch that. I'm currently obsessed. XDDDD


  1. I take tons of supplements but I think you've got the basics covered. The only thing I would strongly recommend if you are dropping the cals really low is some EFAs. ( I take Udo's Choice brand but there are several good brands out there that are less expensive.

    I always lose weight after my period too. I think it's because I retain so much water when it comes. :/

    Hang in there!

  2. skinh/hair/nails tablet

    a kids multivitamin as it tastes nice and it claims to help release energy from food

    b vitamin complex supposed to help with metabolism b vitamins also keep muscle tone

    periods are such an odd thing sometimes i gain sometimes i loose



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