Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 1 - Results

This post is going to be really boring. XD

I feel really weird saying it, since it's so rare I can... but I have done excellently today. I didn't deviate from my plan at all. And that just feels SO. DAMN. GOOD. I had my salad four hours ago, and I'm not even hungry or munchy right now! It's so confusing, because usually I totally am. XD Here's today's breakdown:

Breakfast: 1 Light yogurt - 35 calories.
Lunch: 1 rice cake - 45 calories.
Supper: 1 salad - 46 calories.
Total: 126 calories

Since it's kept me so full for so long, I'm going to keep making my salads the same way every time I have one. Maybe mix it up here and there, but basically the same.
I'm just going to post what I used here so I can remember it--I do have it written down in my handy dandy little notebook, but I tend to lose things (=_=;), so just in case...

1 cup spring salad mix (3.3 calories)
1 cup raw spinach (6.6 calories)
1 egg white, scrambled (About 17 calories)
2 tablespoons Picante sauce (10 calories)
1 tablespoon taco sauce (10 calories)
Pickled jalapeno slices to taste (I used about 10 slices--didn't really count) (0 cals)

I used the picante and taco sauces because it just sounded so damn good at the time--and it was! Plus the spices kick up the metabolism, so that's just a nice little bonus.
Also, since I'm going to forget what my abbreviations in my notebook mean, and I don't want to waste space in it writing out the full thingy, here's a tiny little list of stuff I was putting in my salad--the calories per actual serving size. : P

3 cups of spring mix = 10 calories
3 cups of raw spinach = 20 calories
2 tablespoons raspberry vinaigrette dressing (didn't use any this time) = 60 calories (And now you see why I didn't use it this time)
2 tablespoons picante sauce = 10 calories
1 tablespoon taco sauce = 10 calories

So, yeah, I'm fairly happy with today, and if you happened to read this whole thing, you must be totally bored. : P I'm half-way considering having another rice cake before I go to bed, but I don't want to ruin my little roll here. So only if it's an 'emergency'. It's about 2 1/2 hours before I'm planning on going to bed, so 'emergencies' aren't especially likely, but it's nice to have a plan in place just in case.

I'm planning on eating the same things tomorrow, since the calorie allotments are the same as they were today. It prevents me from having to think about this too hard, plus keeps me pretty well under-limit for little just-in-cases, like parents forcing me to eat an actual meal, which I don't think is very likely, but once again, plans are everything. I've also got several thinspo pictures on my cell phone that I can look through in tough moments, plus you lovely ladies giving me motivation. I love your comments, Ruby and Slowlyfading. You're both so supportive and inspiring to a poor little cow like me. <3

Stay wonderful! ^_^

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  1. good salads :) nothing amuses me more than people eating salads that are so calorific because of dressing , cheese etc but thinking they are being so healthy

    so yay for proper salads :)

    sticking to the same foods is a good idea you know its safe

    hopefully no forced meals xx


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