Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm going to try a two-day fast again. I feel very fat, very afraid of my scale... so I'm just gonna do it. I haven't weighed myself since Saturday morning, and it said 142. So I've just been afraid to step back on it. But tomorrow I will, after I have a fast day behind me and one ahead.

I kind of like fasting, actually. It takes away all the trouble of calorie counting. :P Plus I just love that empty feeling and the growl that just kind of starts tiny and slowly builds up to a deep growl that pulls across your entire stomach. If you know what I mean. XDDD


  1. don't be scared of the scale, sometimes you lose weight at the most RANDOM times! but good luck on your fast! you're going to rock it!

  2. yah i totally agree about fasts being convenient - when i feel to tired or stressed to count calories its so much easier to fast... i'm fasting myself right now, so good luck!

  3. The growling...if only it wasn't so loud, when everyone is staring at you it gets a bit embarrassing. Hope your fast is sucessful, fingers crossed for the both of us.

    Good luck


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