Saturday, October 3, 2009

I am sooooo screwed.

I just realized something.

My parents have spyware on my laptop. =_=;

So, this is like serious spyware they have. It logs all my chats and every website visited. It takes screenshots every three seconds. Plus, it's a keylogger, too. So if they check it, which I think my mom is planning to today... I'm screwed over BIG TIME. I'm already trying to think up reasons why I might be visiting all these blogs, and why I might have one of my own, but I'm coming up with only weak stuff. But sometimes, that's all I need. Some days she's the type that'll just be like "Ok, whatever... if you say it, I'll believe it for now..." but other days she's like some kind of interrogator or something... it's hard to explain. So I'm planning on explaining MY blog as "Oh, I'm just trying to lose weight and started this blog to see if I could get support. : D" Which, yeah, is basically true. XDDD And the other blogs... I'm working on that one. XDDD But I bought some notebooks today, so I can keep it up on my own if she grounds me or something. And if she doesn't... well, I'm just going to keep it up. *shrugs* My life, my choices.

My fast is going pretty well. I can't call it a complete fast, because my mom somehow noticed I hadn't eaten all day, so she's trying to shove stuff at me. Seriously? After one day? Wtf, woman. So I couldn't get out of eating half a rice cake, which was the least I could get away with. She wanted me to eat the whole thing, but I threw half away, hidden in paper towels and was like "What? Oh, yeah, gee, you were right...I was hungry... yeah, I already ate half. o:" I was going to do the whole thing like that, but she was hanging around the same room, so I just went ahead and ate it. It was 45 calories for the whole thing, so that's about 21 calories for today. If they try to force supper on me, though... I'm going to try the whole "Push it around the plate and play with it to make it look like you ate more than you actually did" thing. When I was little, I used to be the queen of doing that with brussels sprouts and spinach. :P Bring up some old skills here.

Also, I was thinking about searching up some thinspo and taking pictures of it with my cellphone so I'll always have some handy. And nobody goes through my cell, so yeah, that'd be safe.

Also, wow, something not related to food, but that has me really, really, really irritated, so I just need to blow off some steam about it. Rawrrawrrawr.

Ok, so see, my boyfriend is adorable. Wonderful. He started out as my best friend. XD But he has this one ex-girlfriend... apparently, he saved her from suicide. She'd been raped or something, so she was suicidal. So, he saved her, and they started going out not too long after. Well, after a while, her parents made them break up, so he started going with some other chick. Eventually, we finally realized, wow, we had feelings for each other. So he broke up with the second chick to go out with me. (Our six-month anni was yesterday, by the way. : D). But yeah, last month, he found out the first chick had gotten pregnant and was in the hospital. She and the baby were both in serious condition. He seemed ultra-worried about her, more so than I would call 'normal', so I asked him if he was still in love with her. Guess what. : D He was. >:\ So that threw me off good there. So not too long ago, he introduced her to me. Wtf. She's so fucking nice. And she's probably AH-DOR-AH-BUL too. Exes always are. And me. I'm a cow. :D He told me he's not going to leave me for her, and I don't want to get all suspicious and push him away... but... uuuuughhhhhh. He's still in love with the nicest girl on the planet... and me. :D

So, yeah, sorry about that. Just had to let that out. ^^;


  1. Wow. Sounds like you got a lot on your plate (no pun intended, I promise).

    Hang in there.

  2. and i thought my parents were over protective god honey i hop they arent in interrogate mood



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