Saturday, October 17, 2009

I love that shirt, but it makes me look bigger than I am. D: I guess I could add a belt or something on top, but I just didn't feel like it today. :P After all, I was only going to the lake to take pictures. XDDD But yes, this is one of the ones I took today--one of my favorites, except for some others I took of myself, but they have my face or I would show them to y'all. D:

Today, I actually took some of the best pictures of me ever. Most pictures of me from the past are candids, so they look stupid. And these I took today aren't even staged THAT much, as I only had an autotimer on my camera, so I just barely had time to rush in front and position myself. XD So they're not candid, but they're not staged-staged either. They're my favorites right now. XD
Do you like my Little Red Bracelet, by the way? (Even though you probably didn't even notice it until I pointed it out, and even now probably can't tell much about it. :P) I made it two days ago. It's a few red glass beads with a silver dragonfly charm. It's fairly simple, but it's actually really adorable. I feel kind of funny wearing it, as I'm not sure I've earned the... I dunno... 'right' to wear one yet, but still, I feel like it's something I need to do as a visual reminder to stay on track, so I'm just going to keep wearing it. :P

My eating kind of went to shit today. I've had a horrible migrane all day, and when I have one, I just feel like EATING and praying "maybe this'll make it go away..."
So I had the yogurt this morning, and then I bought a cookie (300-something 350?) on my way out to the lake. When I got home, I had supper which consisted of a salad (Ooooh, I feel healthy. [/sarcasm]) and some of the vegetarian lasagna/german chocolate cheesecake I made for my dad's birthday. So I'm guesstimating I'm around 1000-1500 calories today. Nyegh. ._. I'm just glad I have the ABC starting up again tomorrow. Maybe that'll help me feel less fat.

My boyfriend finally emailed me today. Was all gushygushy about New York and how I'd love Central Park. Umm... I'd prefer to stay out here in the woods--a park in the middle of a city can't really compare to what I've got. I've got forests and fields, lakes and open roads, rivers and creeks... I've got pretty much everything I need right here.
I'm not willing to hem myself into a city just so I can see their damn stinkin' park. :P

I am a country girl and proud!

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