Monday, October 5, 2009

My pants are falling off...

...and oddly enough, I can't force myself to care.

Of course, these are my 'fat pants', from my high weight, but still. Every time I have to pull them back up, it makes me smirk a bit. Size 12. D: I'm about a siiiize.... er... I'm going to guess around a 9. Because I have a pair of size 10's and a pair of 8's. The tens are kind of loose, and the eights give me muffin top. XD 'Course, that doesn't really mean anything, since actual size measurements can vary so much... but whatever. XDDD

One of my goals is to fit into my 'skinny' jeans, which are about a size 7-10 in the juniors. Feh. I've been wearing them a bit already, but... muffin top like hell, plus they're tight, so I kind of shy away from them still.

Umm... I should probably be doing laundry instead of writing this, since my really fat jeans are all I have left right now. XDDDD

About that semi-fast... I'm coming through with flying colours. :D One rice cake, one cup of soy milk, and right now I'm sipping on 0 cal peppermint tea. Delicious. <3 Of course, nighttime is when I start craving/binging, so... I guess we'll just have to see about this.

Wish me luck in keeping this up, and stay wonderful. <3

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  1. nighttime is the worst! i always want to binge so so badly! but great work on the loose pants! i agree sizing can be so random but you'll get to your "skinny pants" in no time with the fantastic job you're doing!


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