Sunday, November 1, 2009

I am officially panicking.


Like, two weeks until we go see the grandparents and I have lost zilch In fact, I've gained a fucking pound. So that's thirteen lbs I have to lose in about TWO WEEKS. This is an EMERGENCY.
SO I am revamping my eating plan. I'm keeping to my 'fast' plan (Two fast, one eat, three fast, one eat, repeat), but on my eat days, I'm going to have a STRICT limit of 400 calories. Plus my exercise plans. I am going to be SO pissed/depressed if I have to go as the fat cow I am. I can't do that. I have to be perfect, I have to lose this weight.

I'm panicking. Full-fledged panicking. So I'm going to stop writing now, and I'm going to go exercise like a maniac.

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  1. Keep on going. I always put excercising off and after reading your blog I've decided to do some after this comment, as well. Maybe the fact you've only got limited time left to loose the weight is a reason to fight even harder. Good luck, love your blogs :]


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