Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My boyfriend is asking for a link to my blog. He doesn't know about my 'food issues', but somehow he knows I have a blog. I'm going to kill my bff if he's the one who told. Because I mistakenly told HIM about it when I first started it. But thankfully never told him what it was about. So right at this very moment I am trying to throw my boyfriend off of my blog.

He says (7:04 PM):
*... *didn't know you had a blog* o__o
Me says (7:04 PM):
He says (7:05 PM):
*Wasn't told for a reason? xD
(I totally didn't panic at this point and start this post)
Me says (7:06 PM):
*I actually thought I told you. XDDD
He says (7:06 PM):
*... Srsly? xD I don't remember a link, at least
Me says (7:06 PM):
*Nawwww, it's boring. XDDDD
He says (7:07 PM):
*Awwwr, come now xD
Me says (7:07 PM):
*It's really boring. Srsly. XD

And that's as far as it's gotten. I'm still formulating what else I could say once he responds. I mean... what do I say that won't make him suspicious that something's wrong?!

Maybe I just oh-so-slyly change the subject. : D

But still, he knows now. And whate if he brings it up again?



  1. My advice: find some stupid blog about gardening and tell him to go check it out. If he brings it up again casually say 'told you its boring'

  2. If you continue to act casually about it maybe he will forget? Bring up subjects you know he likes to talk about when he brings it up.
    Good luck! Stay strong

  3. That's too bad. You really don't want him to find out though, because then he'll just get all worried, and try to persuade you to stop. Who wants that? If someone asks me to stop what I was doing, I know I wouldn't. Still, you don't want him to get suspicious, so play it calmly. Good luck, hope things go well x


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