Thursday, November 5, 2009

King of the world

Haha, Anastasia, I love your idea. XDDD

Or maybe I should make a whole new blog... on a different account, of course... that details every little movement my cats make every day... "Oh, look! He's going to the litter box! Isn't that CUTE?! Now he's turning backflips! And licking his weiner!" Photos included! :D I swear to God, the look on his face would be PRICELESS. XDDDD Of course, then he'd realize I've just completely turned the bend--gone off the deep end, you might say. :D

I have no idea what my brain is doing right now. XD Coffee on a completely empty stomach always seems to make me crazy. XDDD Of course, I have absolutely NO plans to fill this empty stomach, so never fear!

But yus, I think my best bet would be to make a bogus account and a bogus blog. Because he knows me well enough to know my writing style, so I couldn't just hand him any old boring blog I find--I'd have to create it. :P The 'writer' in me is actually looking forward to it!

Ok, now as for food... I'm starting the three-day fast part of my fast-fast-eat-fast-fast-fast-eat program. I am going to cling to not eating with every little piece of me I can muster. I'm NOT going to fail. Last night while I was journaling, I realized I start out everything I do expecting to eventually fail. I figured... maybe it's been like a self-fullfilling prophecy. Maybe if I try going in with the mindset "I'm going to breeze through this", I actually will. It's a thought, anyway. :P

Also part of this new mindset is becoming more organized! I need to go to town, buy some binders and stuff and buy a desk--since I'm homeschooled, I could actually graduate high school by this summer if I knuckle down. I'm only 16, and then I could have about a year and a half to prepare myself for college so I can knock 'em dead. Lately I've just been kind of slacking off on that, but remember this new mindset! I'm going to get 'er done, once and for all.

The pessimist part of me keeps telling me "You know, you're always so gung-ho about stuff when you start it... but then you slack off..." It's going to take some doing to shut that little voice up.

And hopefully, keeping myself busy with everything will keep my mind off food. I'm going to be at least 115 by spring break! Count on that! And I'm also going to be 125 by the end of the month!

Thankfully, my mom has decided to postpone our trip to see my grandparents, but I'm still working under the assumption that we might still go then, so I better lose a lot of weight. I'm also trying to lose the weight because now I don't know WHEN she's planning on going, and she really won't say anything, so I'm trying to lose a bunch of weight so when/if she just suddenly springs on me "Oh, by the way, we're leaving next week" I won't have to panic, because I'll know I'm losing at my maximum capacity. (Wow, run-on sentences are fun. :D) I'm hoping to be at least 12o by the time that happens, though. XD

I'm serious now, ladies. And I'm running full-steam ahead to my goals--nothing's going to ever stand in my way again.

With love,



  1. Thats a great posotive attitude! If you think you can do it you will succeed! Good luck on your new blog =P Stay strong

  2. Hey I was homeschooled too. It was just for a year though, Mom didn't want to send me away to boarding school too young... she waited until I was 13, god bless her. Why are you homeschooled? If you don't mind me asking; there seem to be few who choose that route these days.


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