Monday, November 23, 2009

Who fails? I do! : D

It's taken me this freaking long to lose seven lousy pounds? I faiiiiil. D: But at least I lost it and I'm back in the saddle agaiiiiin. And I hope you guys caught that little joke, or I'll just fail at life in general. XD

But anyway, yes, 135 and I still have the urge to smash my mirror. :D It keeps showing me this huge fat girl. Even though I still have fat all over my stomach, it's weird because I have a little bit of definition down the sides, and a little dent beside my hipbone--which gives me hope that my hipbones might actually start sticking out within the next 5-10 lbs.

A couple days ago, I was walking through the woods, and just started running for the heck of it. Let me tell you, if you start running, then lose about 25-30 lbs and then try running again... god, there's nothing like it. I felt like I was FLYING. It was amazing, and I need to go do it again.

By the way, I am soooo sorry if I'm rambling majorly right now. I haven't slept in the past three nights. Fricking insomnia. x_-;

I can't really think of everything else I was going to say. I'll probably think of it by tomorrow, though. XD


  1. Stay strong! The wieght will shift! dont give up. you will do it!
    *sending you good vibes*

  2. Heck, you've had better luck than I have =P

  3. If you're flying at 135, you'll be floating at your goal weight!! Hold your head high, and be proud of your successes!

  4. It's not a fail if you've lost weight! Doesn't matter how long it takes it's the result that matter. Slower it comes off slower it goes back on.

  5. Glad to hear your back :)
    SO proud of you, keep flying your doing great it certainly isn't a fail.
    xoxo stay strong love


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