Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ok, I cannot take myself seriously anymore. Any time I plan on fasting, I always think "Maybe I can just have ____... just so my metabolism doesn't shut down? :D" so today I've had two salads--one fatass salad (with cheese, dressing ((At least it was italian...16 cals in the serving I had)), and steak chunks) and one completely dry, veggie only--and a bologna sandwich... on WHITE bread. And mayo! UGH!

I'm sick and tired of my fatass self being so... food addicted or whatever the hell I am!

So now I'm going to create some rules for myself. And a list of 'never to be eaten again' foods, and a list of 'safe' foods. Tomorrow, I'm keeping myself at 1-2 dry salads. No more fatassery from me. As for tonight... cold shower + no more food. And I'll be sleeping on the floor again and I'll call that part of my 'punishment'.

And yes, I am sleeping on the floor. XD I started cleaning my room yesterday, and as my bed just happened to be a large, flat surface... I sorted all my laundry out on it. Since I didn't get the floor completely clean, I didn't want to put the laundry back down and lost in the shuffle... so I put me in the floor. XD

I never said I was the most logical one of the bunch. =X But for tonight, it'll suit my purposes beautifully.

As for the cold shower, I'm going to start out at body temperature and slowly go until it's so cold I can barely take it, shower as slowly as I can, and then run a bath and stay there for... oh, an hour I guess. I'm going to go start soon so I don't talk myself out of it.

My goal by the end of this week is 130. Who's gonna actually reach her goal this time? I am! :D (Maybe <_<;) And I changed the slider on my weight ticker up there to a turtle a couple days ago--I think it's quite accurate. :P


And as for the comments about my dog yesterday, thank you, guys! XD He is an adorable little cuddlebug. :P He goes by many names... but he was originally named Pedro. XD But we mostly call him Peedee. :P


  1. i totally feel ya on the whole "maybe if i just have this..." thing. i go through the same thing. but by the sounds of it, you're a lot stronger than i am about it. i'm here for you. stay strong.

  2. Teenagers need food, teenagers are known for eating you out of house and home. It's all part of growing and needing the energy to develop properly. Instead of focusing on what u eat so much, eat what you want and be more active. as you get more active and feel better that way you will find food becomes less of a big deal and you will automatically crave healthier stuff too.


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