Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm just taking this day in 15-minute increments. Somehow, it's helping. I just go "Get through this 15 minutes and it'll all be ok. Just get through it." and just thinking that gets me through to the next section of the day without eating.

My fast is going hard, but I'm not eating. I can't afford to.

I did have one moment where I thought I was going to eat something--anything! But I just had this little gut feeling that if I even had something itsy-bitsy, I was going to go back for more... and more... and more. So I was standing in the kitchen, opening and closing cabinets, thinking about eating this... or that... or... oh, fuck, I can't! At one point I had a rice cake out of the bag and was going to eat it, but I just looked at it for a second. My stomach was saying "Come on... just eat it... it's only 35 calories, after all--it can't hurt anything! Just eat it!" But I somehow managed to put it back, wrap the bag up neatly and made myself a cup of tea. Oolong is <3. Plus it's supposedly 'slimming'. So whatever. XD Also, I had a teaspoon of worchestershire sauce while I was waiting for the water to heat up. 0 calories, plus it tastes strong enough that it helped me convince my stomach that I didn't need anything. Hopefully, I won't have any more moments like that today.


  1. Haha, weird, I grab a teaspoon of mustard
    when I feel like I'm getting hungry. Never
    tried Worchestershire....

    Oh and sorry about the 1 pound gain.. I gained
    one last weekend as well.. psh, relatives....

    Wish you luck for the rest of the day!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Woops, I deleted my comment....
    It said,

    *looks up* OMG! I weigh 137, too!
    *hides* =D

  4. Oh I'm sorry about that one pound gain, yet you seem to be staying strong. Well done, keep going. I hope you get through your fast. Good luck


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