Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A quick question:

I know I don't have any followers yet, and pretty much nobody happens upon my blog here, but I just wanted to put this forward on the off chance anybody happens by that knows anything about the Master Cleanse? Like have any of you tried it? Lost any weight on it? Is it any good? I was thinking about starting it so I could be sure and stay under-limit for the ABC's days to come, but I can't find anything about how many fricking calories are in the damn thing, like what the calorie allotment is in the juices and crap.

The salt water flush part of it seems interesting, though. I have heard people say that you can be carrying five pounds of pure crap in your colon. Huh. I might have to try that one on its own, maybe. Again, have any of you tried that? XD I'm not usually one to just dive into the great unknown. XDDD But I guess I might have to for some of this. At least until I get some followers that know this stuff. I feel so lost, and yet so empowered at the same time.

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  1. hey honey im your first :)

    check out my name is melon - simple dreams sans fork shes just started master cleanse she will be on my follower list somewhere



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