Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ABC - Day 1

I've started out fairly well today. So far I've had 180 calories, planning on having the same again around lunch, which brings me up to 360, then maybe I could have something worth 100 cals for supper, which leaves me at 460. Under the limit makes me happy. : D

I'll edit later with how I'm doing. And please, just stab me if I screw up. =_=;

Edit: 1:00pm

Just had my second round of 180 calories. So far it's been just liquid. I'm... actually kind of proud of myself. When my dad and I got back from town about half an hour ago, I was soooo starving and nearly told myself to screw the plan and eat a salad or something. But I couldn't do that! Plans are everything, and if I can't stick to my one-day plan, how can I stick to my fifty-day plan?! How can I stick to my LIFETIME plan? So I've got the hunger pangs under control for now and should be able to ride it out until supper, when I'm having my last 100 cals. Other than that, water all the way. : P
Plus green tea. XDDD I swear, the stuff is my new addiction. It just smells SO freaking good. XDDDDDD

Edit: 6:54pm

I am so fucking amazed. o_o I should've started checking nutrition labels more often! Did you know that 4 cups of spinach (raw cups, of course) has only 20 cals? o_o Also, 3oz (3/8 of a cup) of broccoli slaw has 25 cals. Hoo boy, I was thinking it would be way more. XDDDD But still, I'm only omnoming on 1 raw cup of spinach, plus 1/4 cup of broccoli slaw. Cooked it into some kind of odd veggie stir-fry. @_@ Was feeling kind of confident, so I checked on cheese. 110 cals for 1/4 cup. o_O That was kind of high, so I had half that amount. Was going to put it on my stir-fry but I got impatient. D; So then I put about 10 cals worth of soy sauce on my stir fry and am enjoying it with a cup of... you guessed it! Green tea! So my calorie tally for today is 438! YES! I'm below even what I thought I'd be! YESYESYES!!!!! I still have the rest of the day to wait out, but still. YES!

Also, I'm modding the diet. I'm going to allow for 5 binge days. If I don't plan for them, they'll screw me up majorly. So since the diet is 50 days long, that's one screw-up day per 10-day period. I'm going to hope and work for not ever using those, but they're still there if I need them.

Also, I walked a little more than three miles again. On my usual route, there's a lot of hills, but there's this one super-mondo-killer hill. XD So I made a decision. : D A circuit is up and then back down. So I do five circuits forward... and then I turn around and do five circuits backwards. Then I jog back up. Let me tell you, the backwards... KILLER. DX It makes the backs of my legs burn like crazy, but that's what I need. So I'm going to keep it up. : D

I feel pretty confident I'm making a good start here.

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