Saturday, September 19, 2009

Month 1 - Day 2

Today has been kind of ok. I started things out with the last piece of cake and a few strawberries. While it was kind of a crappy way to start out the day, at least it got that temptation out of the way. I was pretty good the rest of the day. A small salad with a bit of ranch dressing, two mini-oranges and then some grapes. Admittedly, I did have too many grapes, but at least I didn't binge out on something completely unhealthy. For supper, I'm planning another salad with a nectarine an hour or two after.

For my exercise, I walked two miles at about noon, and I'm planning to run tonight. So I'm pretty good on that front.

Ok, now a bit of celebration. My scale has been telling me I'm hovering around 152-154, but... today I broke it. I am now 151.8. I know it's not that great, but it feels good to have busted--no matter how slightly--that plateau. From now on I'm going all out on this. All out. ^^

Also, kind of angry at my dad. Ever since I started my diet, he's been cooking all my favorites. High fat, with MEAT. It's like he's TRYING to sabotage me here. My mom is kind of on my side and has promised to stick with me and not eat that garbage, but still. It's so hard, and really depressing to think he could do this.

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