Monday, September 21, 2009

Month 1 - Day 4

Blah, sorry for skipping yesterday. I did ok, actually. And today the same. I didn't do any exercise, but that was because I started my period and was cramping pretty badly, as always. Hate that. Today I might get out and do some, but it's iffy, because NOW, I'm sick. A cold or something. My stupid brother's had it and refuses to cover his mouth when he coughs or sneezes or whatever, so I was bound to catch it no matter what. It sucks major monkey balls. My throat hurts and my head feels... it doesn't hurt, exactly, and it feels kind of normal... but there's kind of a fullish feeling around my sinuses. It's odd. Hate it. I've been eating minioranges, hoping that'll help some, but it really hasn't. I guess I'll just have to suffer it out.
I've been eating small amounts of crap every day, and that needs to stop. For sure. I'm down to 150, but still. I might lose more if I stop crap. <_<; Thing is... comfort food is so hard to stop. DX At least I've managed to stay away from meat. Craving it like crazy, but... meh. I can hold out for a bit longer.

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