Friday, September 18, 2009

Month 1 - Day 1... again

So I've had to start over. And this time, I'm not allowing anything to sabotage me. It is currently 5:07pm and all day all I've had is an apple, a small salad and just a few minutes ago I had one of those mini-oranges. I forget what they're really called. XD I'm planning to finish out the day with another small salad and maybe a nectarine or plum. I'm out of apples, which makes me really sad, but I should be able to get some later this week. On my salads, I'm using a small amount of buttermilk ranch dressing, which probably isn't the best choice, but it'll have to do until I can get my mom to take me to the store so I can get something a bit healthier. So yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself today--a strong start for my Five Month Fight.

I've kind of fallen out of the habit of exercizing, but I'm planning on changing that tonight. It's been kind of wet and sloppy outside for the past week or so, and that's what I've been using as my excuse, but not anymore. I need this.

It's kind of strange, too, but even though I've been eating crap lately and not excercising, I've lost about half a pound since I last weighed in. I was pleasantly surprised, because I expected myself to gain some. But I'm pretty confident that with this new vegetarian-style diet plus exercise, I'm going to come out on top in this fight.

It's only been not-even-one-day since starting this vegetarian thing, but I'm already kind of getting into it. I feel soooo light right now. XD I'm probably going to be looking online for some actual recepies after I do a couple weeks on a salad-and-fruit diet like this. ^^ I might actually be able to stick with this forever. Of course, I'll probably cheat sometimes, after I reach my goal weight, but I might actually be mostly like this. I'm going to add in fish later, if I start to feel meat-deprived. But I'm going to try to learn how to cook now, so my dad's fatty and meat-rich meals won't sabotage me. I'm going in this full-force. I'm 152 lbs of pure determination right now.

I feel GOOD about myself right now. I feel truly, truly good.

Edit: 7:33pm

Plans fell through. Had pizza. But I did put a lot of veggies on it, and some pineapple chunks to kind of make it a bit healthier. But it did have meat. DAMN. DAMN DAMN DAMN.
I'll probably have some grapes or strawberries or something a little later, because I'll probably get hungry later because of the utter crap I just introduced into my body. Ugh. Grease, fat, and MEAT. This was supposed to be a vegetarian period. DAMN. At least it wasn't a whole freaking steak or something. But still. >___<

Edit: 12:07am

Right. Had a piece of chocolate cake left over from my birthday. Was feeling depressed because my boyfriend told me he's still in love with his pathetic ex-girlfriend who got herself knocked up, just had the baby and is in the hospital in 'urgent condition'. Fuck. And no, the cake didn't make me feel better. Worse. At least I'm not some slutty little bitch in the hospital.

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