Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ABC - Day 2

I woke up about ten minutes ago. : D Was feeling soooo shaky and low blood-sugar-y. Oddly enough, that makes me happy. : D I've started the day with an apple, which I'm estimating to be about... oh, maybe 80ish? I've heard that's about how many calories in a medium-sized apple. I feel really good about myself--it's an even better start than yesterday!

For the rest of the day, I'm planning on maybe 2 more apples, then maybe a salad for supper. I'm going to estimate my salad to be around... oh, 100 cals? That's probably being generous there, but I'll get the exact calorie count when I'm making it. My brother and dad are around now, so I can't just go check.

So if I stick to that plan, and the salad is, in fact, 100 cals, that'll bring me to 340 calories for the day! Once again, planning for shooting under the limit makes me happy. : D

I need to start making plans for exactly WHEN I'm going to be eating. Right now it's just kind of a "Make a vague plan about what you're going to eat, and then go get some of it when you're hungry", which did work yesterday, because I never binged out, but still, it would add a little bit more of the self-control element to the ABC.

Oh, damn, I nearly forgot--my dad is boiling shrimp tonight! I can't just skip that completely or suspicions will DEFINITELY be up. Maybe I can add a few to my salad tonight. I just looked up how many calories in one shrimp, and it seems to be about 3. So if I can keep my salad low-cal and then add maybe 5 shrimp, which is 15 cals... I can still stay at around 340. Dang, this is going to be harder than I thought, this working around parents. ._.

Edit: 2:30pm

I just had my second apple, and I'm feeling pretty good. XD This just makes me feel so... I dunno. In control, I guess. Like I'm finally, finally, finally doing something about myself.

Also, is it bad that I feel slightly superior as I watch my brother go back and forth from the kitchen getting snacks and stuff? I mean... I don't want to feel that way, but I do. XD He's been skinny for a couple months now, and now he's going to eat it all back on, while I'm going to become slim and beautiful.
It just kind of makes me smirk, because one time while I was eating something and he was in his "Exercise like crazy and eat one HUUUUEG meal a day" phase, he sneered and was like "Ever heard of self-control?" It's kind of funny looking back now, because well, he didn't have self-control then, at least not as much as I do now. Because he'd eat at least 1000 calories in just that one meal, plus he stopped exercising when it got hot out. And now he's eating about 2000 calories a day, and I haven't had that much in two days. *grins* Who has self-control NOW?!

Also, throughraindrops, that's a good idea, about the shrimp. I dunno why I didn't think of it. XD I guess I just got into "OH SHIT" mode. XDDDD Maybe now I can just put in one or two for 3-6 cals, but make it look like a lot more. And heck, if I'm frugal with my calories in the salad, maybe I can make the whole thing for 50-75 calories! I love salads--you can get so much for so little calories, so you feel fuller, and being new to this diet, that's kind of important to me. Though I am kind of getting used to the feeling of not being truly full.

I stood up just a few minutes ago, and got light-headed. I always used to think it would be a bad thing if that ever happened, but I kind of liked it. I swear to god, I felt like I was floating about six inches off the floor. XD It did kind of freak me out when this ring of darkness came around my vision and I felt like I was going to pass out, but it passed, as did the light-headedness. I didn't even know it was possible for that to happen after only two days on a diet like this.

Edit: 8:26pm

Arrrrgh. Parents forced more shrimp on me than I wanteeeeed. Eight little shrimpies. And at 3 calories apiece, that's about 24 calories right there. So I cut down some on my salad. And it's dry, which isn't my favourite way to have it, but it works. Since everybody had left the kitchen because I took my sweet time in getting in there, and then peeling my shrimp, but they would've noticed if I threw any shrimp away or put any back. =_=; But anyway, they were out while I was making the veggie part of my salad, so I've got exact tallies on those. My entire salad is 40 calories. Yummy. So far, my day has been 200 calories. o_o

Jesus Christ. XDDDD I'm satisfied here. And I still have an apple left over from my original plan. : D Hmm.... makes me wonder if I'm actually gonna eat that.

Still can't believe I have 300 calories left over for the day. : D You have NO idea how good that makes me feel, to finally be taking over here. Bikini, here I come!

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  1. parents are difficult but you will find your way around it at least shrimp isnt high cal and you can work it in easily cut it up so it looks like theres more than there is in the salad



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