Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm sorry, I keep taking breaks and I feel like a dog because of it. ._.
Ok, so my weight is somewhere in the ballpark of 137. Again. This is not my happy face. I've been eating like a lardass lately, and I know I should say "It stops NOW! D<" but there's absolutely nothing in the house that's safe, and my stomach is all RARRRRRG. Now I know you're thinking "Come on, woman! Willpower!", but the cravings of a Bre on her period are not to be fucked with. Trust me, I know me quite well. If I don't eat a small supper at least, I'm going to be binging out all night. =_=; So I'm eating something small tonight, and my mom is off tomorrow, so I'm going to force her to either take me to the store or let me take myself. I need my safe choices, god dammit!

Btw, you know you're at least a bit fucked up in the head when you frantically search the bread aisles searching for something 'safe', and then bust out a happy dance when you find a loaf that's only 60 cals a slice. I did that a couple days ago. XD (And I would have replenished my other safe choices, but didn't realize how close I was to being out. =_=;)

The photos, by the way, are me. I made the skirt myself. : P I cut it from a much, much longer one and sewed the waisband by hand. It's a drawstring, so it'll still fit when I'm skinny. Hopefully by spring break. DX

Anyways, I hope everybody is having a good 2010 so far. I love you guys for putting up with me and my inconsistent posting. I promise, at LEAST once a week from now on. I'll try to post more, but sometimes I just don't have much to say except cursing myself and my appetite.

Stay strong, and send wishes my way for my own strength to return. xoxo

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