Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why hello there, my beautiful, beautiful homegirls!

Now I really don't know why I just called you 'homegirls', but heck, it works. ;P I hope you're all having a bright, sparkly 2010, full of 10-lbs-in-one-day weight loss!

Ok, ok, I know that's not likely, and I myself am just waiting for the discovery of a way you can make someone ELSE exercise and get the benefits from it. Because I would so do that. TT__TT But I'm still hoping you girls (And guys, if there are any reading) are having a good year for weight loss. This is the year! This is it! We're all gonna reach our goals and be skinny-minnies and be gorgeous sexbombs!

Yaaay, pep talks! :3

So yeah, I've not been exercising like I should. I've been doing a bit of arm work, to try and get these flabby beasts under control. I do about 10 pushups at night (Not real pushups... too much of a wuss still. I do them against the wall...), and then 20 sometime during the day. Today I'm planning on two sets of 20 during the day and then the ten at night, bringing my total up to 50. Plus, I do that dancing thing someone told me about a few months ago. Just keep mah arms over my head and dance around. I do one full song, then give myself maybe a minute break, then do another song, then one more break, and then one last song, for a total of three. It's pretty fun, but my arms always feel like jello afterwards. ._. I need to start doing so much more to get myself back down to 132.

I'm about 138 right now and it makes me feel like an obese fat cow. If I break 140, I'm going to throw something. Literally. I'm going to pitch the hugest fit of my life and then fast forever.

Well, maybe not forever. I mean, that's kind of reaching. But if I could, I totally would.

Anyway, I'm fasting today. I went to the store and stocked up on all my safe choices (Lots of salad stuff... plus cherries and strawberries and grapefruit <3), so I'm all set if I just HAVE to eat something. Which I'm not going to let happen. The last time I fasted was December 14, when my boyfriend broke up with me. It was on a Monday, and I lasted until Friday afternoon, when I only stopped because I was in a car with my family on my way to my grandparents'. I was bored so I started eating (I was 132.... WHYYYYYY?! TT__TT), and that's when the dam broke. Been eating like a lardass ever since. But today that ends.

It was supposed to end... day before yesterday, I think, but I was over at my friend's house and we were being all hyper so by the time I got back home I was RAVENOUS. I could have chosen that point to say "I'm stronger than this" but I didn't. Pasta and a meatloaf sandwich. And then yesterday, I was all "Oh, geez... I crave food... I'll EAT!!!!" and so I ate. But today my willpower returns. I'm not going to let this get the best of me! 2010 is going to be MY year to reach all my dreams and goals! And now I could go off on a huge rant about that one, but I'll save that for later. ;P

I will, however, rant on the injustice of how my ex-boyfriend (I'll call him R instead of 'exboyfriend' from now on. Makes it easier.) is dating some beautiful girl. Like 10x as pretty as me. He broke up with me so he could immediately go for her. So yeah, I looked her up on Facebook (And I know it's her because I took careful note of the fact we have mutual friends), and... dammit, I hate to say it, but she's a skinny bitch and gorgeous. I literally sat there staring at my computer screen, completely stunned. Like... 'How can he do this to me?' I was pretty devastated, but now I'm bouncing back. I still have my rough days, but I'm slowly getting there. I'm going to lose these last 30 pounds and I'm going to be stunning.

Oh, and guess what. I'm turning 17 in September, and possibly graduating by the beginning of this summer (I'm homeschooled and working on a self-paced online high school). So I asked my mom "Hey, as a graduation/birthday present... could I get together a few friends and drive up to Maine and then work our way across the country to California?" She... is for it. I've been all 'holy shit' ever since. That was my 'reaching' request. My actual request was going to be going down to the Gulf of Mexico (I'm from Texas. :3) or something, but holy shitshitshit I might actually be able to drive cross-country with my friends! HOLY SHIT WAFFLE-MUFFINS.

Only thing is, I now have to figure out exactly how much this is going to cost and how long it's going to take so that I can actually start asking my friends to go with me. HOLY SHIT. XD! And then I have to decide which friends to take. Because if we take my mom's SUV, I COULD take four, but it would be better to only take three, so that the backseaters aren't cramped to hell. XD But then if we got my dad's van fixed so that it... would actually run without the driver and passengers fearing it's going to fall apart after just backing out of the driveway, I could take five, which would be my closest friends. If I mention them again, I'll just refer to them as S, J, MP, MI, and A. XD But yes, I am totally excited, and I'm making plans to stop along the way to possibly meet my online-friends. Which means I need to be a skinnyskinnySKINNY bitch by that point. AHHHH.

I'm shooting for 110 lbs by July 4. That's 28 pounds I need to lose in 179 days, which is about 25 1/2 weeks. If I've done my math right, that's about a pound a week. Ridiculously easy, mi'ladies. :3 I could even get down to 102 (Which was my original goal when I first started out on my weight loss), if I wanted! And I might. I'm going to go ahead and shoot for a 2 lbs loss per week, which puts me ahead of my schedule, which means I'll hit 110 in time to know if I need to go ahead and lose ten more pounds. : P Because if my friends and I stop at any water bodies, I'm going to ROCK a bikini. Because when we get to Cali, I know for a fact we're all going to want to hang on the beach, and I'm not going to let all the stereotypical blonde-tan-beautiful California chicks and dudes(!!!) put me to shame!

Oh, and btw, I used to date this guy that's four years older than me, and he lives in California. I need a vote here: Should I go and see him while we're in Cali? He's still pretty clingy on me and wants to get back together, but I'm not so into that. I just want to be friends. I've made that crystal-clear to him, and he's ok with that, but he still says he wants more, he's just not going to push it. And I don't mean 'wants more' as in 'wants sex'. Neither one of us is into statutory rape. XD I'm thinking I'd be pretty safe around him, because he's a pretty good guy, but I thought I'd shoot that out to you guys and see what y'all think. : P

Anyways, I love you all, but I'm going to end this long-ass post now.

Stay strong, starve on xoxox

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  1. Tahaha <33 this is my first time reading ur blog but i love your enthusiasim :] I really needed your "pep talk" it was nice. ^-^ I agree, this is the year to take life into control.
    Stay strong


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