Saturday, February 20, 2010



PLUS!!!! I got the piercing!!!!! The second lobe!!!! : DDDDD! Twigs, thanks for the advice--they told me to twist it three times a day after I clean it, but the left one hurts when I do twist... so good to know it's not absolutely necessary. XDDDD

BTW, anything under 700 calories always makes me just a bit loopy, especially + caffeine... and I just finished two cups of coffee and am working on a soda--diet, of course. ;P I'm pretty damn excited about this whole day. XDDD

I did have to get my ear pierced in the mall, though... I wanted to go to an actual piercing place where they wouldn't use the gun (because I've heard those can't be sterilized... GROSS!), but my parents were like OH NO. So whatever, got it done in the mall, I don't really care. XDDD Anyway, ran into my youth minister from church and his wife while we were there and he was like "So what've you been up to?" and I'm like "DUDE, PIERCING MY EAR!!!" and he was like "Oh, awesome... mine closed up a long time ago. D:" and I'm like "Woah, waitafrikkinminute... you had an earring? o_o" and he points to his ear and is like "Two. :D" and I'm like "ok, dude, you just gained like +50 awesome points. o___o" I mean, dude is flipping awesome anyway, but seriously, you don't expect someone in the church like that to have been pierced... or I don't, anyway. XDD

I also got some resistance bands for toning... my arms are in sad, sad shape, and I want to look SMOKIN' this summer.

'Kay, I'm kind of getting all-over-the-place with this entry, so I'll go ahead and hang it up now... WHOO, frikkin' awesome day!

Stay strong~


  1. Keep up the good work!:)
    Congrats on the piercing:D

  2. Hey nice!
    Basically the reason you don't twist it, is cause the gun forces the earring through the ear (pierces blunt) - so the tissue is sore, and in twisting it you just get crap stuck in the piercing bit. Infections - no please :D.

    Just clean etc as usual, but NO TWISTING! :P. I feel like such a tool xD. This is perhaps my only area of expertise.



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