Wednesday, February 10, 2010



I'm not going over 140 again.

It's 2:30pm and I've had 15 calories. A salad, dry. I tempted myself with an egg to go on it, "It's PROTEIN, after all!!" but then I reminded my fat self that I don't NEED the protein yet. All I need is low calories, low low low low low.

I'd almost forgotten how... good vegetables are. I haven't had a plain salad in a while, and I forgot how good the cold, slightly juicy, crunchy veggies feel when you chew them--how they're just slightly sweet. Just enough that you can eat them dry without wanting to throw your bowl across the room. I'd almost forgotten how deliciously low-cal yet filling they are. It's like magic, you know? That something so uniquely delicious can be so good for you, and yet won't really have any negative effect on your weight. In fact, they can really only help you instead of hurting you.

...Ok, that was weird. I'll admit it. XDD But it's oh-so-true.

It is Wednesday, and there's youth group tonight. I'm hoping the guy I mentioned yesterday will be there... Sunday was the first time I'd ever seen him at our church, so I don't know if a friend just made him come to the Superbowl party, or if he's going to start coming... oh, lord, I hope he's there. He's tooooo cute. <3 And the perfect inspiration for me to lose weight! :D

I'm starting my own skinny revolution. I'm going to fight the good fight and win the battle against my body.

I'm going to win.

I'm going to be skinny.


  1. loving the optimism, and the vegtables speech (: good thinking, stay low cal and keep away from the chocolate.

  2. hey i told myself i wouldnt get over 140 and im at the same weight you are... i hate myself for it but your speech on veg has really inspired me. thankyou.


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