Friday, February 19, 2010

Slowly, yet surely

I'm not going to say how much I weigh. Just know that it's more than I'd like--at least it was when I weighed myself a few days ago. It might have started coming down, but it's unlikely.

Things have just gotten crazy and I lost my already fragile grip on control. Yesterday's calorie count was an estimated 930 calories. It had to be estimated because I just don't ever know the exact calorie amount of the food that goes in my mouth anymore. That has to stop. And it has. ^^ Today has been pretty good so far. I had coffee and a 15-calorie dry salad--that's two whole cups of veggies!! I was full, but nearly slipped up. I had a bean burrito all made up and ready to eat. I was seasoning it up and thinking "No... this isn't good... don't do this... please! You can stop now... STOP! NOW!" but somehow I just couldn't stop. But I did dump way too much salt on, and then took a bite (est 25 calories) and threw the rest away. I'm still within my calorie limit for today, because in my journal I told myself I could have a salad worth 50 calories, but I only did 15. So I'm still ok.

After I do a couple days like this (Salad, then a grapefruit, then an 80 cal yogurt), then I'll get back to the Staircase/ABC diet. This is going to work this time. It has to.

In other news, my iPod decided to freak out on me, so I had to uninstall iTunes. Unfortunately, now the Apple website is totally whack and I can't redownload it. So I'm quite pissed about that.

And next week, I'm getting a second piercing in my lobes. :DDD I've had the standard one piercing per earlobe since I was... three or four, I think, and I've been begging to get something else pierced FOREVER, and finally hit upon something my mom was ok with. We're not telling my dad beforehand, even though she thinks he'll be ok with it. ;P
After the double lobe heals up nicely, I think I'm going to ask for either an industrial piercing (Also known as a scaffold piercing, I think) or a third lobe. Probably an industrial to start with, then work down to the third lobe. But you can bet if they say no to the industrial, I'm getting it the second I turn 18, along with a navel piercing. :D At that point, I'll be good on the piercing front. XDDD I don't want to turn into a walking tacklebox. o_o

So yeah, I think that's all. Stay strong, my ladies. xoxo

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  1. Don't worry, my weight's disgusting at the moment too!

    Second piercings don't hurt much, and don't take long to heal either. But tip: DON'T TWIST THE PIERCING. They tell you to sometimes, but it's a load of bollocks so don't.

    And I'd suggest the third piercing before the industrial, cause otherwise when the industrial gets done there may not be enough room for the third piercing. [I know from experience]

    Remember - tomorrow's a new day.


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