Thursday, February 11, 2010

Strong Enough

I'm stronger today.

Today's intake:
Salad with two kiwis (odd addition, yes, but had to get them eaten before they went bad) - 105 calories
8 crackers with cheese and 1 slice bologna - 280 (about 80 for the crackers, an est. 100 for the cheese, and a definite 100 for the bologna)
Grapefruit - 100
Total: 485

Weight? Me + all clothes, including jeans = 138.8.


Strength pays off.

I guess we'll have to see if this holds tomorrow. I am under the limit for today, and my stomach is deliciously empty, though it's feeling like it wants to eat itself. DX It'll get better, though. It will, it has to. I'm adding one hundred calories to my bank, and if I have to, I'll use the remaining tonight, to head off a binge. Of course, this is only if I have to, if there's no other way to keep from binging. I won't let it happen, though. I'm stronger than that.

In other news, it's SNOWING. In Texas. It's been going steady all day, since 8am. It's 11pm now. :D It stopped sticking this afternoon, but now it's colder again, so it's starting to pile up again. It's so great, I love snow. :D

Stay strong, ladies. xoxox

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