Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm so out of the swing of things.

It's like my little binge weeks and what-not have completely destroyed any self-control I might have possibly been gaining.

When I told you guys I was going to fast, I did fast. For a day, and then I started eating again. I'm currently up to 138. Thirteen days left until we go see my grandparents. I've given up my plans for 125, and am hoping for 130 at best, but it's most likely going to wind up as about 133-135. IF I can get myself back under control.

So my new diet? Two rice cakes a day. Cut into fourths, so that's eight little pieces I can have. And at 35 calories each, that's 70 calories per day. And I've started my vitamins again. Usually, getting back on those lets me lose and keep off maybe a pound or two. I don't know what it is, but it works so I'm not going to question it. Much. :P

How do you ladies get yourselves back on track? Just an iron will? Or is there a way you ease yourself back into things?

Also, sometimes I feel like I'm kind of... cold and impersonal here on my blog. I mean, you guys are great to follow it, even though you don't know a thing about me.
So to remedy this situation, ask me any question you want. Anything at all, and I'll answer all the questions in my next blog post. XD Ought to be interesting. :P

Oh, and if you follow me, and I don't follow you, leave me a link to your blog, and I'll go check it out, and more than likely follow you back. ^^ I don't comment much, but I do sometimes. But I do always read. :P


  1. Best way to get outta binge mode: take it slow. Yeah i know what your thinking, easier said then done right? Just plan everything out. Take a breather. Stay calm. Dont act on impulse.:)

  2. I have a question!

    What motivates you? How would you define your goal? And what is something about you that no one knows?

    Okay, that was questions but still...I love when people share. :)




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