Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Watch me shine

Woah, I'm fail at keeping things up. XD

Things have been crazy lately...it's just been grab-a-bite-whenever, exercise.... the only exercise I get is running around at work or whatever. Things have been pretty hectic the past few weeks though, so yeah. XD I'm working on it. :P

First things first.... Cali boy is no more. =[ I can't do distance relationships anymore, it turns out... got me a taste of the closeness, the cuddling & kissing.... and now I just can't do distance without a definite idea of when I'll see my honey. =[ I liked him.... a lot.... but.... I can't torture myself over it, you know?

About a month after he and I broke up, I started talking to another guy... a closer guy... a fkn emo guy. TwT I loves the emo boys. :3 He's so freaking skinny and beautiful... we are celebrating our one-month-anniversary on Sunday. =] He's amazing, and he... kind of gets me. =] More and more, as we learn each other more every day. =]

ANYWAY. I must get skinny for him. Like seriously, he's freaking scrawny. I can't have my boyfriend being skinnier than me. =\ It aint right. So yeah. I'm going shopping tonight for safe foods, I will start writing in my notebook again, and I'll do at least weekly updates here. =] I'm going to be SKINNY. Finally. If I keep trying, maybe one day I'll get there?

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