Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don't give up on me

I'm in this fight to win it now. I used to feel like I was drowning in it, but now I almost feel like I can float... almost strong enough to swim. I've just got to catch my breath.

Swam for about 5 hours today with my friends. XD Sunburned like a lobster, and it's itching, stinging and burning. It was cloudy, so we all figured we didn't need sunscreen...

...As we're discovering now, we were idiots \o/ I'm pretty excited about the amount of exercise it got me, though. :3 Went to work right after, but now I'm home again. Though the exercising front is good, I ate like a freaking pig o_O Tally is 1 1/2 PB&J sandwich, two handfuls of chips, two brownies and 1 1/2 strawberry shortcake thingies. So yeah. Hoooopefully, the swimming helped cancel some of that out. I'll give myself props, though, it could've been so much worse.

Tomorrow, the plan is straight to church, then straight to work. No eating before church or during my break, if I happen to get one. I'll probably get off between 2 and 5, at which point I'll be going home. Where there's food constantly available. Not a good situation. So instead, I will clean the cat box when I get in, then proceed to finish cleaning my room/bathroom, which generally gets me out of the Food Mood. After I finish cleaning, I'll reward myself with a PB&J. <3 Which is weird that that's my reward, because I've hated the things for years, but suddenly find myself really really liking and craving them o___O ...Anyhoo, after the sandwich, I'm probably going for a walk. With sunblock on my sunburn, the tanlines exposed, to try to at least fade the whiteness of them a bit. XDDD Exercise AND beautification? Yes please. <3

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  1. hey hun, I am Evie. I am following your blogs.
    Have fun at church and work and I like your technique to avoid food. I may try it. Every time I am hungry clean the dogs poo and toilets.


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