Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The best days are yet to come

The days when I can be carried away with the slightest breath of wind. The days I can go clothes shopping and not worry about the size of my ass in pants. The days I can slip into a bikini and know that I look beautiful. The days I can know there's no more weight to lose, no more nasty fat hanging like a brick around my neck.

My best days are coming. I can feel it.


You know, the main difference between me-then and me-now is confidence. I actually have a little bit of confidence these days. I can hold my head high and smile my ray-of-sunshine smile, and it makes most people do a double-take and smile too. I can now realize that I actually have really good features--I don't have that 'mainstream' beauty, no, but maybe I have my own sort of beauty. One that will be even more evident once I lose the last of this weight.

Fat is the enemy, and it will be destroyed. I've found a bit of the strength I used to have... not quite enough to fast just yet, but possibly to restrict like crazy. I'm going to survive on 600 calories a day. It's getting into a 'high' range... but maybe in the days to come, I can cut it back to 500. 

I need to get back on my vegan diet. That was when I lost the most weight--sometimes as much as 4-5 pounds a week. Of course, weight loss just seems to get harder, once you don't have a LOT to lose. And really, if you think about it, I don't have THAT much to lose, to get to normal-slender. About 10lbs to get to the 'perfect' weight for my height. Of course, that's not perfection enough for me... but still kind of crazy when I think about it. XD

I actually exercise these days too. o: I'm pretty big on running and walking around my house. XDD Yesterday, I kicked it up a notch. Grabbed my iPod, started walking down the road. Felt good, so I kicked up and jogged for about 300-400 yards--which killed me, btw. I've gotta get in shape. XD Well then, my favorite song came on the radio. So I busted a few moves in the middle of the road. XD I'm actually not a bad dancer when I actually have room to move o_O So I figure if I do that at least three times a week, plus my house circuits--which include doing a few pushups and stair runs after--I should be pretty damn good on the exercising. Add in my resistance bands to try to tone up my arms... and damn, I should be fkn sexy for my Cali trip. :]

So now I have a question. For the girl who has a sweet tooth, and who is also cutting calories majorly, what do you suggest she eat to calm the sugar beast? Gum helps some, but any other suggestions... and I will hunt you down just to give you the biggest hug in the world. XDD Also, any other exercise suggestions would be nice too. :] 

Oh, and I see I've got new followers too, so don't be shy! Introduce yourselves~! Link me to your blog, if you have one. :] I wanna get to know you all. ♥

Stay strong~ xox


  1. I'd say if you REALLY want chocolate, then buy funsize (Y)

    Cause then instead of a 180calorie bar of dairy milk, you can have 60calories of funsize dairy milk (:


  2. Gum somehow always seems to bloat me up. It must be all that frantic chewing and unintentional air swallowing.

    I like Fisherman's Friends best. Artificial zero-calorie sweetener (both a boon and a bane here) and they come in different flavours so I don't get bored. (I tend to stick to Citrus Twist a lot though.)

    I'm glad you're feeling more confident. That's one thing no amount of money and dieting can every buy: self-confidence.

    Take care!



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